March 2015:  Chicks on their own  (page 2 of 2)


8.  Her chick is behind her in the flower bed, waiting to be fed.











9.  The next 6 photos show the feeding process when the parent returns.  This is Weber being fed by his dad, KP618.  Making a cheeping sound, Weber pecks rapidly at the parent’s beak.












10.  Dad lowers his head to start regurgitating the predigested fish stored in one of four stomach sacs.












11.  Weber positions his beak inside the adult’s beak.












12.  The flow of food starts.  This food also contains desalinated water which is the only source of fresh water for the little one.











13.  The food flows into the mouth of the chick for several seconds.  Right now it is a yellow-green semi-liquid.  In past years, we have seen larger chunks of food in the exchange when the chick is older.  We have even seen whole squid being transferred.









14.  This session is over – Weber appears happy.  The process will be repeated 5-6 times in a typical feeding. 












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