My name is Bob Waid.  My wife, Joyce, and I lived on the North Shore of Kauai from 1998 to June, 2016.  Our home was located in a neighborhood which has been chosen by the albatross as home. This web site shares local observations, photos, and videos of the albatross “in residence” on the north shore of Kauai.  

My specialty is photography. During the 18 years on Kauai, I have taken thousands of photos of the albatross.  In late 2005, a book of my photos was published, titled The Majestic Albatross. I have studied the behavior of the birds close at hand here in Kauai.  I have also worked with the biologists for the Fish and Wildlife Service and with many volunteers who assist FWS and Hawaii state wildlife agencies.

Joyce and I collaborated on a children's book to teach the young about the wonders of nature.  You have free access to the book, Baby Winston, to share with the children in your life.  Go to the menu item above.




We hope you enjoy the site.

Bob and Joyce Waid