Monthly Photo Blog

This blog gives a monthly update of photos and comments about what is happening with the albatross on Kauai. During the nesting and chick period, you will be able to keep track of specific pairs of mates and selected chicks as they develop.

These updates include information from myself and other contributors in the neighborhood. New updates are available around the middle of each month.

For more detailed updates on a daily basis, Cathy Granholm maintains a blog about all of the birds in Princeville, including those on the golf courses. You can find her blog at

Click on the link for a specific month below:

July 15, 2016 --  The last chapter

June 14, 2016 -- Chicks have been banded

May 14, 2016 --  Almost adult size - adult feathers showing

April 14, 2016  --  The chicks are thriving

March 14, 2016 --  Left alone

February 15, 2016  -- The chicks have hatched

January 14, 2016  -- Waiting for the hatching

December 14, 2015 --The eggs have been laid for this season

November 22, 2015 -- The Albatross Have Returned

October 13, 2015:  -- Coming Attractions

September 14, 2015 -- Recap of Weber and Fern

August 14, 2015  --  End of the Season

July 13, 2015 -- Fledging

June 14,2015 -- Practicing for the fledging

May 13, 2015 --  Banding the Chicks