The Majestic Albatross


This book contains a collection of 45 photos of the majestic Laysan Albatross which return each year to Kauai to raise their young. All of the photos were taken in the residential neighborhoods on the the north shore of the Garden Island.

I will be honored to sign and personalize your copies (my eighth grade English teacher never thought I would sign anything but parking tickets on my car).

My goal for the book is to share photos of all stages of development of albatross while they are on land, from courting to the fledging of the chick. Many people see the albatross at one point in time, Visitors may see parents sitting on an egg or chicks testing their wing. Other than the period of their visit, they do not see all stages. The book fills in the gaps.

The Majestic Albatross is also available at book stores in Hawaii or on-line through