June 2015:  Practicing for the fledging  (Page 2 of 2)

7.  The next morning he walked out to the point between the houses and saw the full expanse of the Pacific for the first time, looking towards the Kilauea lighthouse on the point.










8.  This is another view of the launching site, 170 feet above the ocean.  A volunteer saw the take off, but did not have her camera ready.  Therefore, we have no photos of the fledge.










9.   Early yesterday morning, five chicks were visible at the same time.   The first was Fern, coming out from her normal nesting site in the bushes.











10.  Across the street, Joy made an appearance.












11.  And next door, three chicks came out to enjoy the morning sun.  Weber is the one on the right.











12.  H061 shows off his impressive wing span, over 6 feet,












13.  All of the chicks are now practicing, getting ready for their fledging date in the near future.  They will hop up to catch the wind and even make short runs with wings fully extended.  But they will not actually fly under their own power until the day they fledge.

We can expect that many will have fledged by our next report in mid-July.







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