June 2015:  Practicing for the fledging  (Page 1 of 2)


1.  The chicks are about 4 ½ months old.  This is Weber, making some test hops, catching the wind under his wings.  In the next 2-3 weeks many of the chicks will make their maiden flight, a process known as fledging.  This is discussed in more detail below.









2.  Fern, the other chick hatched on our property, has also been flexing her wings.












3.  Yesterday, Fern’s mother returned with much appreciated food.  Fern didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath after her long flight before she started to demand her meal.










4.  Food for the older chicks now has some chunks of fish and squid.












5.  The first chick to fledge was H087 from the next street over.  He showed up in our cul-de-sac several days ago, which is a block away from his nesting area.   The first sign of a fledging is when the chick leaves his normal area in search of the bluffs.









6.  From his normal area, he has never seen the ocean.  But from the cul-de-sac, he can now see the water between the houses.











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