October 2015:  Coming Attractions (page 1 of 1)



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1.   This is the second month without albatross, but they will be returning in the first week of November, less than a month away.  We will be looking forward to seeing the old-timers back to continue raising new chicks.  We will also see new couples formed to start their contributions to the population.  And, it is always exciting to see the chicks who fledged 3-4 years ago return to land for the first time.

This month’s update will be devoted to parents with long records of raising chicks.  We are hoping all will return to the neighborhood to nest.






2.  One of our favorite fathers is KP618, known as Champion.  He is a favorite since he was hatched in our yard back in 2004, so his offspring represent a second generation.  He has parented 4 chicks, all hatched in the same hedge where he was.  Last year, he took a new mate when the previous one did not return after two years.  This photo shows Weber, the chick from the last year, starting the hatching process.








3.  The most prolific pair has been together for 10 years, raising 8 chicks.  The pair is KP460 and KP524.  The photo shows the female sitting on the newly hatched chick last season.  The names of their previous chicks are listed on the photo.  They were the parents of Vinny in this last year.










4.  Having raised 4 chicks in the past, K233 and O324 have been together 6 years.  Here, they are seen with Fern, their latest chick.











5.  Absent for the last two years, KP517 and KP465 have raised 7 chicks, most of them in our yard or next door.  It is not unusual for a pair to skip two years, so we are hoping to see them back this coming year.  It is always possible that one or both have been lost at sea.








6.  KP505 has fathered 4 chicks with two different mates.  Last year’s chick was named Joy.












7.  Another prolific male is KP531 (to the left of the sign), raising 7 chicks with 3 different mates.  He is the exception to the “mates for life” concept.  KP531  abandoned his first mate for another female.  Later this new female was lost at sea, leading to the third mate.   Who knows how this soap opera will play out this coming year.

Next month the albatross will be back, so we will have a lot to report in the next update.




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