September 2015:  Recap of Season (Page 2 of 2)

9.  The second chick on our property was Fern, named since her parents pulled up a bed of fern plants to build their nest.  Fern was hatched on February 2.  Both parents (K233/O324) were here for the hatching, seen here surrounding Fern.  The adult at the left of this photo was Ana Melia, this couple’s offspring from 2010.









10.  Fern was three weeks old, shown here with mom.











11.  Just over two months old, Fern was seen here in fern patch that led to her name.












12.  At five months old, Fern was displaying the behavior just before fledging.  When ready, the chicks start to roam outside of their normal nesting area.  In addition, they seem agitated as they wander around the neighborhood.  Here, Fern checked out our garage.









13.  Later that day, she arrived at a prime launching site at the top of a bluff in the back of one of the houses.  However, she decided that today was not the day and walked back to her normal nesting area to sleep the night.










14.  The next morning, Fern walked to the same site, waited a few minutes and pushed off to fledge.  Both Weber and Fern will remain at sea for 3-4 years, sleeping on the water and not touching land during that time.  They should return in 2018-2019.










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