April 2015:  Moving around  (page 2 of 2)


One street over, there are two chicks in front of one of the houses.  













Across the street, another chick has just been visited by a parent, who rests for a few hours before heading out to sea.













As usual there are a lot of unattached adults, socializing with others in search of a future mate.  On the left in this photos, the adult is Valentine, hatched in this area in 2008.  She is reaching the age where she will mate and start breeding.











Another returned chick is Leilani, one year older hatched in 2007.  She has been very friendly with the bird on the right who is not in our data base.  Next year, she should breed for the first time.  











Several other former chicks have returned this year.   Two hatched on this street in 2011, Andy and Coconut.  Another is Spindy, hatched in 2008.












This is an unusual gathering of birds.  All were hatched within 100 feet of this meeting.  Leilani and Spindy are two of the birds.  The other two are siblings.  One is Ana Melia (2010) and Nola (2012).  Nola is only 3 years old, which is earliest returning chick we have seen.











All of a sudden the group decided to play follow the leader and marched off in formation.  The one in the lead is Ana Melia, whose nest was about 10 feet to the right of where she is marching.













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